Red State, Blues State, Why Not Just One State?

Blue Laws Are Bad Laws By Erin Lale, Recently, the Henderson City Council enacted a city ordinance to ban sales of new cars on Sunday. I would not have gone along with this. There are three reasons why this is wrong: 1. Stifling competition is bad for the economy. All across America, people on all […]

Looking for Loans: Secrets You can Use to Rebuild Your Credit

By Dorothy G Bunce The exact details of what damages your credit score are a big secret.  Credit scores are based on a point system.  Points are added when you pay debts on time and paying and points are subtracted when payments are late.  Other factors that cause you to lose points include owing large […]

The People To The Supreme Court: Strict Interpretation of the Constitution Please!!!

Protect our Republic. A Republic is a form of government which is governed by law. Our Country was founded as a Republic governed by the Constitution which is the law of the land. In recent times, the Constitution has been reinterpreted in many ways. Is the United States still a Republic? An article in the […]