Zimmerman Uses Fox and Hannity to raise money

By DiMarkco Chandler Sean Hannity has secured an interview with George Zimmerman that will be aired tonight on Fox television. In a video recorded preview, Hannity ask Zimmerman what would he like to tell the parents of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman starts off his answer by saying, “I would tell them that again I’m sorry, um […]

Deadly disease Listeria kills two, three others are ill

By DiMarkco Chandler Listeria strikes New Zealand as two people die. Three others have falling ill after contracting the disease. The outbreak is believed to have originated in hospital food from two different regions. The affected products have been recalled from shops as they may all contain the bacteria causing the disease. Two elderly women […]

Obama’s Second Term Plans

By Randy Rose Remember when Obama whispered he would have more room to do what he wants to in his second term to Russian President Putin? Those plans are hidden and not to be announced until after he wins, but we were able to find out a few things Obama has planned. Obama will expand his immigration stance by […]