Does the second amendment support assault rifles and handguns?

USE YOUR BRAIN, AND FACE REALITY By James Turnage: A few days ago, DiMarkco Chandler wrote an intelligent and logical article about changes in our gun control laws, and about the reality that we are a gun crazy country.  I wrote a lesser article about the same subject. The facts cannot be denied by the NRA, and […]

Large Storms & tornadoes racing across Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio, airport delays mounting

By DiMarkco Chandler: Weather is making news tonight. A rough and active line of deeply embedded severe storms are moving across the country this evening, stretching from Oklahoma all the way up through New England. A total of 36 million Americans are in the path of these storms. Tornado watches and warnings have been posted […]

Sad reality faces Michael Jackson’s 3 Children as Katherine’s struggles are made public

The king of pop may be gone but the family drama continues By DiMarkco Chandler: Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, is finally speaking out after conflicting reports of her whereabouts came to an end on Wednesday. The controversy included a battle that played out in court over custody of Michael’s 3 children; Prince, Paris, and […]