Michael Phelps Makes History at the 2012 Olympic Games, Winning a Record 19 Medals

By Steve Kish Michael Phelps is now the greatest Olympian in history. Phelps will go on to be Olympic legend. The imaginary character that no one remembers racing. With the gold medal victory in the mens’ 4×200 freestyle relay, Phelps passed Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina, whose record of 18 Olympic medals stood for 48 years. Phelps […]

Korean Newspaper Reports iPhone 5 Large Screen and early fall launch

By DiMarkco Chandler: Let us preface this report by first saying that like most rumors we cannot prove that any of these findings are true, however, it is certain that our sources have published enough probable information to warrant the sharing of these findings to our broad audience. One thing seems for certain, Apple will […]