What if we didn’t raise property taxes

By Tom Jones An article in the Review Journal was titled, “Voters to decide on tax increase to improve schools.” Once again, our politicians want to spend more money to solve a problem. Instead of looking for other solutions to the problem, they decide to raise taxes. Naturally, they have a good reason to raise […]

Same-sex immigration case

By Albert Angulo Washington D.C., June 2012, the department of homeland security denied immigration benefits to a married gay couple from San Francisco and ordered the expulsion of a man who is the primary caregiver to his AIDS-afflicted spouse. Bradford Wells, a U.S. citizen, and Anthony John Makk, a citizen of Australia, were married seven […]

A Coney Island school principal disapproves patriotic song to be sung at the graduation but permits Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”

By Roy Denish A principal of a school in Coney Island in the hot waters for refusing to allow graduating kindergarten students to sing “God Bless America”, but allowing Justin Bieber’s popular song “Baby.” Greta Hawkins of PS 90 of Edna Cohen School in Coney Island has told the class to drop the song after […]