Sheriff Joe’s would-be assassins indicted

By Bob Unruh of World News Daily Law enforcement officers in Arizona say they have broken up an alleged plot to assassinate Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is at odds with the White House over his investigation of Obama’s birth documentation, with the Department of Justice over his crackdown on illegal aliens, and assorted criminals already […]

Comic-Con and Twilight: If a human could live forever [VIDEO]

Same Story, Different Day By Seth Love Comic-Con opened this Thursday and with it a craze of Twilight fandom. And while fans waited for gates to open and for the availability of last-minute tickets, a horrible traffic accident killed an elderly fan, Giselda Gagliardi of New York. Yet even among tragedy, Twilight fans frenzied as introductions […]

Don’t Let Nevada School Districts Become Another New Orleans

Communal Education: More than Money By Seth Love On July 11th, Contact 13 Investigation reported on a local incident concerning the Renaissance Academy, a charter school here in the valley. According to a recent Attorney General investigation into this school, over $1.2 million have been ‘misplaced’; all of it tax-payer dollars, and all of it […]