Nebraska Establishment GOP Fears Ron Paul Delegates

 By Randy Rose Security for the Republican State Convention has been outsourced due to fear that this year’s convention could be disrupted by Ron Paul delegates. The party chairman  Mark Fahleson decided this week to stay in his position to prevent a Paul supporter from winning his seat, there’s still potential for fireworks at the […]

Is Dwight Howard hurting Dwight Howard

By Steve Kish Imagine you’re an NBA GM and you are thinking of going after Dwight Howard. You have the same access to information as the general public. You read, you read yahoo sports, you read a hundred other media outlets. Howard seems like a basket case. Is his talent worth the risk of him asking to be […]

Teen Heartthrob Justin Bieber At Dangerous Crossroad of Career

[Amazing Unseen Video Footage] Forbes has just named Justin Bieber as one of the highest paid celebrities in the world. Bieber has leaned this as the Pop star faces a lawsuit that could cost him as much as $9.2 million, criminal charges, community service sentencing and more pressure than any young man should have to manage. By […]