512 Dead Penguins on the Beaches of Brazil; Mystifying Scientists

By DiMarkco Chandler Scientists from all corners of the world are finding the death of 512 Magellanic penguins on the Beaches of Brazil’s southern Rio Grande do Sul state quite puzzling. Ceclimar (The Centre of Coastal and Marine Studies) said that veterinarians were examining these sea creatures. Approximately, 30 samples from the penguins were undergoing […]

Interview: Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson

Interview with Gary Johnson By Erin Lale Former New Mexico Governor and current Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson is in Las Vegas for his fundraiser Freedom Fest. He was in Las Vegas earlier this year for the Libertarian National Convention, at which he was chosen as the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President. Today he […]

US Dept. of Justice Case Against Texas Voter I.D. Law “Destroyed”

By Benjamin Gaul “The Feds could not produce one single person, or provide the name of a single person, who will legitimately be unable to vote due to voter I.D.” Witness and Expert Testimonies have concluded the trial of Texas “Voter I.D.” law where attorneys for the State of Texas have effectively destroyed the main […]