Health District updates food handler card training

Press Release June 25, 2012 LAS VEGAS – No more health card movie and just one trip to the health district. The Southern Nevada Health District is revamping its food handler card program this summer as it implements a new online food handler education course, eliminates temporary health cards and pares down the number of […]

Health District encourages everyone to get tested

Press release June 25, 2012 National HIV Testing Day, June 27 LAS VEGAS –National HIV Testing Day is Wednesday, June 27. The annual event is an opportunity for everyone to learn his or her HIV status. The Southern Nevada Health District encourages everyone to get tested. More than 8,500 Clark County residents have been diagnosed […]

Obama’s October Surprise

October Surprise – a last minute event designed to upset and win an election. Seven theories on what may happen prior to the Nov. 6 General Election. Wait and see. Editorial – Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson FAKE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT On March 30, 1981, failed assassin John Hinckley shot and wounded then-Pres. Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s […]