Steven Tyler dumps “American Idol” Finds “Aerosmith” More Attractive [VIDEO]

Tyler’s true love is “Aerosmith” Guardian Express Staff “Aerosmith” is perhaps the greatest rock band in the history of the genre. “American Idol” is the highest rated talent show in the history of the showbiz. Interestingly, Steven Tyler has slept with them both.  It’s history now; Tyler dumped “American Idol,” but it’s safe to say […]

Rocker Joe Perry Forces Bandmate Steven Tyler To Fire “American Idol”

By DiMarkco Chandler, Rock fans are aware that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry have feuded for years. Perry has repeatedly urged Tyler to come of drugs and recommit himself to the band that gave them Rock immortality. The two have battled on stage with Perry having pushed Tyler off the stage on one occasion. […]

Success Without Honor, The Paterno Legacy

It’s a cool Saturday afternoon at Beaver Stadium By Steve Kish Everyone is cheering on Nittany Lions. You can barely hear yourself or your buddies screaming at you from the noise. The Nittany Lions score touchdown after touchdown, and the defense is suffocating. It’s another win for the little man on the sideline, the one that if he stood […]