Pittsburgh Steelers coach Tomlin must demand more from LeBeau and Haley

Their Season is Over, (Maybe) by James Turnage The Pittsburgh Steelers have been consistent in only one area this year. They play ‘down’ to their competition. On Sunday they played the 4-8 Chargers. They had already lost games to the Oakland Raiders, the Tennessee Titans, and the Cleveland Browns. Sunday their defense couldn’t get off […]

Fungal Meningitis Epidemic in the U.S.: 541 Cases & Growing, 36 Deaths

The U.S. Fungal Meningitis Outbreak has reached epidemic proportions, and can easily become a Pandemic given the right set of circumstances.

Coronavirus; 9 Cases, 5 Deaths: Is this the Beginning of a Pandemic?

Novel coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus not previously recognized in human beings. This type of virus is part of a larger family of viruses known to cause a wide range of illnesses from colds and flu to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. (SARS) There have been no reported cases of the SARS virus (Severe […]