Fungal Meningitis Epidemic in the U.S.: 541 Cases & Growing, 36 Deaths

The U.S. Fungal Meningitis Outbreak has reached epidemic proportions, and can easily become a Pandemic given the right set of circumstances.

AMC’s The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Finale Episode 308 “Made to Suffer” [Video]

AMC’s The Walking Dead, has it’s midseason finale on Sunday, December 2nd on AMC TV. This season, or half season as it were, has been delivered in two different locales, and the merging of the two, for lack of a better word, has had viewers on the edge of their seats so far. But fear […]

Larry Hagman, Last Of The Good Guys!

To Larry Hagman, Life was always Good Sometimes it’s not enough to simply say a few words about someone who spent a life time making sure everyone around them was having fun. From my best vantage point, Larry Hagman was that kind of guy; lively personality, irresistible, high-spirited, always forgivable, someone that took the idea […]