Coronavirus; 9 Cases, 5 Deaths: Is this the Beginning of a Pandemic?

Novel coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus not previously recognized in human beings. This type of virus is part of a larger family of viruses known to cause a wide range of illnesses from colds and flu to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. (SARS) There have been no reported cases of the SARS virus (Severe […]

No escaping the “fiscal cliff” with Boehner and McConnell protecting special interests.

Bait and Switch? By James Turnage: Orin Hatch and the other obstructionist members of Congress are out of their frigging minds. President Obama campaigned on continuing tax cuts for those who actually work in this country and pledged to return to the rates during the Clinton era. Remember how good things were then? Even the […]

Football Games to Watch, New York Giants at the Washington Redskins

The Games to Watch Sunday By James Turnage: Ordinarily I would tell you the best NFL game to watch this weekend was the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Baltimore Ravens. This has been the longest and most physical rivalry in professional football. The Ravens are the original Cleveland Browns, and they have continued to nurture both […]