Hidden Letter of Syrian Parliament

Hidden Letter of Syrian Parliament

Debate over the strike on Syria is shaking up the world. While the USA government is convinced that chemical weapons were used by the regime of Bashar- al-Assad, Syria denies all allegations talking about the prove supporting their claim. Now the proof the Syrian government is counting on is revealed in a letter sent by […]

Al Qaeda Lebanon Branch Claimed Rocket Attack on Israel

The Lebanon branch of Al Qaeda, the Abdullah Azzam Brigade, took responsibility for the rocket attack carried out Thursday on Israel. Abdullah made this announcement on Twitter. Earlier, four rockets fired from the Lebanon territory reaching the Northern part of Israel Thursday. One rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system and no […]

US Embassy Closings: Why Sunday?

With the announcement Thursday that US embassies across the Muslim world will temporarily close down on Sunday, August 4, American citizens abroad are wary. Such a move – involving 14 embassy facilities in North Africa, the Middle East and south Asia – could only be the result of a credible threat to US interests and […]

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