Present Conflicts Between China & US Signal’s Unpredictable Sign of the Times

Contributor D. Chandler: We’re at a strange time in history; where sanctions on Iran seems to make their leaders more resolute, while China is simultaneously flexing its might with confidence. Here in the U.S., it appears that we’re engaged as we increase sanctions on Iran and tell China we’re watching their slight of hand maneuvers. Along the backdrop, […]

South China Sea Places US In Dangerous Square off against Beijing

Contributed by D. Chandler: Physical War between the U.S. and China couldn’t be any closer as Diplomats square off against one another in a way that is reminiscent of a game called “Chicken.” In other words who’s going to blink first?  With stakes as high as they have arguably ever been, America would be remiss […]

China’s Asserted Sovereignty in South China Sea Troubles US

United States is in both an economic and rhetorical war with China, which could precipitously dissolve into military action Collected sources–DiMarkco Chandler: In the complex world of foreign politics, the United States is presently in heated debate with China on many fronts. A comprehensive understanding of these tense disagreements will unsettle most Americans and reveal […]