Bomb Detonated At Syrian State TV Building In The Capital of Damascus 3 Injured

Contributor D. Chandler Sources at Syrian TV has reported that a bomb detonated at a state TV building in the capital of Damascus, causing several injuries; in a separate report Five people have been wounded. A bomb reportedly detonated on the third floor of the Syrian state TV and radio building.­ The explosion happened outside the […]

Israel Not interested In Placating Palestinians

By DiMarkco Chandler: The Palestinians were planning an international gathering in support of their bid to gain U.N. recognition until Israel prevented the high-level diplomatic delegation from entering the West Bank.  It is as if Israel is completely uninterested in peace of any kind. When President Barack Obama took his oath of office, relations between […]

Present Conflicts Between China & US Signal’s Unpredictable Sign of the Times

Contributor D. Chandler: We’re at a strange time in history; where sanctions on Iran seems to make their leaders more resolute, while China is simultaneously flexing its might with confidence. Here in the U.S., it appears that we’re engaged as we increase sanctions on Iran and tell China we’re watching their slight of hand maneuvers. Along the backdrop, […]