UN Showdown Ends With No Security Resolution As Russia And China Use Their Veto

By DiMarkco Chandler Early this morning, a crucial UN showdown over the violence that rages in Syria was decided by a United Nations Security Council vote. The council has been under pressure to come up with a decisive resolution that would deal with the violence that has been raging over the last year. At issue […]

Former Egyptian Intelligence Chief, Omar Suleiman, Died In U.S. Hospital

By DiMarkco Chandler Omar Suleiman, former intelligence chief is dead. The 66-year-old Suleiman briefly served as vice president under Hosni Mubarak. He died in a hospital located in the United States this morning according to reports. Suleiman was also a former Egyptian army general. On February 2011, Suleiman announced Mubarak‚Äôs resignation and ceased being Vice […]