X Games 2013 Start in Barcelona

X Games 2013 Start  in Barcelona

Thursday, the 16th of May was the X Games 2013 official start in Barcelona, Spain. The games opened with skateboarding in the same venue as the 1992 Olympics diving competition where the steeples of Gaudi’s Sagrada Família and the city of Barcelona spread out below giving the competitors a spectacular view of the surrounding area. […]

Orthopedic company took off external prostheses of patient that couldn’t pay

Brutal human reality in a hospital in Spain Just like reminding “Repo Men” (Miguel Sapochnik, 2010), a scientific feature with Jude Law and the Brazilian actress Alice Braga, the fiction creativity showed to be a real sociological problem, in Spain, on May 6th, 2013 An orthopedic company took off the external prostheses of a patient […]