Taksim – is There No Peace for the Peaceful?

Taksim – is There No Peace for the Peaceful?

After several weeks of peaceful protest, yoga demonstrations, dancing and community gathering in Gezi Square, with efforts to prevent the tearing down of a beautiful park full of trees over the building of yet another mall, protesters were bombarded last night with an awful storm of tear gas, water canisters and plastic bullets. What does […]

Turkish Protesters Raising a Toast

  Turkish protesters cracked bottles of Efes beer raising them in a toast to their prime minister against a law, cribbing drinking rights. The young protesters clustered against the suddenly issued law and indulged themselves in drinking spree. Many young women were seen drinking right from the bottle to unfurl the flag of freedom. Even […]

Turkish People and a Lesson for the World

What began as a sit-in at Gezi Park in Istanbul, has developed into a major anti-government demonstration.  The diverse citizens of Turkey are teaching a lesson to the rest of the world.  Taksim Square has become a symbol for freedom. A protest to keep the government from destroying the last park in Istanbul, was disrupted […]