The Guardian Express is proud to present a new feature: “The WISE Awards.” Every week, Las Vegas school children will be given the opportunity to participate in Writing Intelligent Scholarly Expositions; registration for this competition will allow students to submit an original, informative, nonfictional exposition based on one of twenty predetermined topic-situations. Students will be grouped into one of two categories: Prodigy or Phoenix. Every week, The Guardian Express will feature articles written by two student winners. Children attending a Las Vegas elementary or middle school – grades 5 through 8 – will be gathered into our “Prodigy” group, while  children  attending a Las Vegas high school – grades 9 through 12 – will be categorized as our “Phoenix” group. Each week one child from each category will be selected by a panel of teachers, professors and college students, and their award-winning expositions will be featured in The Guardian Express weekly print and Internet editions of the newspaper. Las Vegas private schools will also be included in the WISE Awards; however, since there are fewer private schools than public schools in Clark County, the winning submissions from those schools will be featured once a month. Some of the available topic-situations for students to choose from will be:

 1. Describe the debate over the Second Amendment—the right to keep or bear arms. (Prodigy)

2. Explain three reasons why the study of art should be taken seriously. (Prodigy)

3. Give your best advice to a friend who has asked you for help in selecting a math course that would be most helpful in his everyday life. Think about the times you have actually used what you learned in a particular math course in school and decide which one had the most practical value. Explain to your friend how such a particular math course would be of practical assistance to him. (Phoenix)

The WISE Awards competition will run for 20 weeks of a school’s semester. At the end of the twentieth week, all winners will be given an invitation and opportunity to participate in the WISE Awards’semester’s end “Challenge Finals” (the WCF). The Challenge Finals will constitute a reevaluation of all winning entries. Additionally The Guardian Express subscribers, family members,  advertisers, and high school and middle school students will be given the opportunity to vote on their favorite weekly student submission. The Guardian Express staff will tally the votes and award five winners with college scholarships, laptop computers and gift certificates provided by contest sponsors and advertisers.  members, The criteria for selecting these five winners will be based on the number of votes they receive, their individual academic performance during the semester, a reevaluation of the submission they made that won them a featured spot in The Guardian Express, and their conduct during the Challenge Finals. One first-place winner will be given a three month stipend to provide researched articles for the Tribune during the summer of his or her winning year. One participating business and the school at which the first-place winner was enrolled will be featured in The Guardian Express. In addition, a percentage of the proceeds generated at the WCF banquet will be donated to the winning school to enhance its academic programs. Send your contest questions to:; or you can text message us at 702.625.2303.

We welcome all individuals and groups interested in joining with the The Guardian Express in helping us launch this important and mind-stretching program for our youth.