Submission Checklist

Editors Checklist


1) – Title Case: 1. All nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs should have the first letter capitalized in the title. In case our titlecase application get it wrong remember the rules below:

One way of understanding titlecase is that you must also capitalize the first letter of all four letter and up prepositions. This you do manually if titlecase does not capitalize them. More explained below:


Incorrect: Chocolate is Good for You

Correct: Chocolate Is Good for You


A.  All prepositions with four or more letters should have first letter capitalized in the title.


Incorrect: Astronaut Arrives Home from Space

Correct: Astronaut Arrives Home From Space


B. Acronyms must have all letters capitalized, not just the first letter.


Incorrect: Usa Nasa Un

Correct: USA NASA UN


C. Two words joined by hyphen: When both words would be capitalized separately (without the hyphen), then they also should be capitalized when hyphenated in the title.


Incorrect: Tax-free Day

Correct: Tax-Free Day


When the words would not be capitalized separately, then they also should not be capitalized when hyphenated in the title.


Incorrect: Mother-In-Law Wins Lottery

Correct: Mother-in-Law Wins Lottery


D.  When a definite or indefinite article immediately follows a colon, it should be capitalized.


Incorrect: Russia and the Ukraine: a Standoff in the Making

Correct:  Russia and the Ukraine: A Standoff in the Making


Lastly, the first and last word of all titles should have their first letter capitalized. This again is manually done if the titlecase application gets it wrong.


2) Does Headline title begin with your keyword or PKT (Trainees) & Provisional – fix if an author send back if a candidate


3) PKT Must be trending when you submit your article submission for review (Trainees)


4) Squirrly Greens (Mandatory for non-editors) Send Back ALL


5) WUBTESSH category selected (all) fix if an author send back if a candidate


6) Author’s name as a category (all)


7) The top image inserted into the article must be centered. Distorted or pixelated images are unacceptable. You can never make an image larger than its original size. Do not alter or edit images before uploading them to the site. You can edit your image with our editing tools on WordPress.  (all) Leave to the discretion of the editor


8) Images must reflect your story and you can’t use Caricature images for news stories. The first image at the top of your article should be no more than 650 pixels wide and must be centered. No image that you insert should be more than 650 pixels in width. (all) Send Back All


9) Featured Image: has it been set (all) Send Back All


10) Images placed inside articles cannot have a width of more than 650 pixels – Send Back All


11) Video correctly inserted or rather embedded into the TEXT side of the WordPress editor. Leave to the discretion of the editor


12) By Line – (all) fix if an author send back if a candidate


13) Sources: 3 for news articles and 1 source for opinion or any kind of entertainment article. Do not place sources in an article with those long and ugly links. Simply link them under the name of the sources not the full url. (all)


14) Satire must be noted as satire in the by line. (all)


15) Featured Image Size must be at least 450 x 300 The 300 = height and the height of all featured images must be at least 300 pixels or larger (more) and the width has to be at least 150 pixels more than the height. So 2000 x 1500 is acceptable. 1500 x 2000 is unacceptable 400×300 is unacceptable. 450×297 is unacceptable. (all)


16) Images should be titled with either the same title of the article or have a similar title. (Trainees) & Provisional. If you’re using a chart, the image can’t be so small that the reader cannot read the chart.


17) Copyright Images (watermarks, writing on the image, writing in the description area) (all)


18) Article Formatting (ie spacing, font, image placement, &nbsp) one space per paragraph (all)


19) If the Headlines category is selected you need to unselect and save (all)


20) Keyword in the alt text of your image (Trainees) & Provisional


21) Article must have at least 500 words. 499 words will not cut it unless it is a breaking news story (all)


22) Breaking news must be at least 80 words (Trainees) & Provisional


23) Copyscape must be 0%… It has to be in quotation marks. A little bit of flexible with certified writers (Trainees) & Provisional


24) Articles must be written in the third person (all)


25) Is title in first paragraph? PKT (Trainees)


26) Is the title in the middle of the text? PKT (Trainees)


27) Is the title placed seamlessly in the last paragraph? PKT (Trainees)


28) Punctuation


29) Spelling


30) Links should not be inside the body of the text (all)


31) Images should not be linked to a web page. (all)


32) Never use the Video URL input area or the Credit sources area below the editing box where you place your report. (all)


33) Make sure that you close out the Guardian page that your article is on when submitting articles for publication (all)


34) Be careful not to defame anyone as this will cost us a fortune.


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