NZ woman, died of drinking too much Coca-cola

Drinking large quantities of pop 'a substantial factor' in metabolic imbalances, NZ coroner says

NZ woman, died of drinking too much Coca-cola

Natasha Harris, a mother from, Invercargill, New Zealand, died in February 2010 resulting from an addiction of drinking too much coca-cola. Natasha Harris, died at a young age of 30, she leaves behind, eight children and partner, Chris Hodgkinson. New Zealand Coroner, David Crerar, has argued that if it weren’t for her excessive consumption, she […]

Marijuana is Safe; The Drug War is Deadly

By M.D. Frye Drug abuse is bad. The drug war is exponentially worse. Our grossly failed drug war is much more dangerous and deadly than the drugs. It kills far more people, including kids and teens, and we now have 25,000 drug gangs in the U.S. Their death rate is five times higher than Texas’ […]

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