Chicago: Armed robbery community alert

Chicago Residents are being alerted that armed robbery, is being committed in their community.

Chicago: Armed robbery community alert

Chicago Armed Robbery 8th (Chicago Lawn) District About These Crimes. Chicago, 8th (Chicago Lawn) District residents. are given an alert notice, to robbery incidents that have occurred during the month of February. In the reported incidents, two offenders have confronted victims, displayed a handgun and taken property. Incident times and locations are listed below: • […]

Earthquake Rocks Italy Kills 7

People Are Panic Stricken By Dock Walls, @dockwalls A 6.0 magnitude earthquake centered 20 miles north of Bologna, Italy destroyed several historic buildings, damaged castles, toppled church towers, collapsed cathedral roofs and brought down a church bell. At least seven people were killed, including three night shift workers found in ceramics and polyester factories. The […]

99% Protest Obama G8 and NATO Summits

Putin Absent, Iran Targeted By Dock Walls, @dockwalls The Group of 8 (G8) summit, which was originally scheduled to be held in Chicago, took place at Camp David. This two-day meeting was the largest gathering of world leaders ever held at the Presidential retreat. Recently re-elected to a third term, Russian President Vladimir Putin declined […]

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