Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Rihanna shows she’s got EVERYTHING it takes to be an Angel

The Victoria’s Secret Angels added the leggy pop-singer’s name to their short list Heavenly bodies. By Benjamin Gaul Rihanna tweeted photos of herself, lounging in her RV/ changing room, smoking a cigarette and fogging up the camera lens. Proving that her talents run deeper than simply being a 5 time Grammy Award winning singer and […]

Usher Justin Bieber Guardian Express Writer @ Billboard Awards

by Albert Angulo Justin Bieber and mentor Usher goofing around Justin Beiber performed his latest single, “Boyfriend,” while thousands of fans screamed the lyrics as he sang; and Usher, who arrived  at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in style, looking ready for the summer months in a robin’s egg suit, also gave us a great […]