Christopher Dorner’s Survival Game

If students get into a battle with each other, and kill innocent bystanders, it’s just “good business” for the NRA, the gun lobby.

Christopher Dorner’s Survival Game

Christopher Dorner, The “Wild West” Obsession. I grew up playing “cowboys and Indians”, and “cops and robbers”.  I know it’s politically incorrect now, but we participated in the game almost daily.  Society has always had a fascination with the “bad guy”.  Knowing nothing about his reality, I wanted to be Jesse James, or Billy “the Kid”.  […]

Chicago Police Arrest Terrorists

Police And NATO Protesters Clash By Dock Walls, @dockwalls Three men, labeled “Domestic Terrorists” by authorities, were arrested just ahead of the 2 day North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit. Police insist these Caucasian U.S. citizens were allegedly plotting to blow up Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters, Attack Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home and attack

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