No Kanye West, No Ray J, Kim Kardashian Shines In Drop Dead Diva Fourth Season

Drop Dead Diva had a ratings problem until Kim Kardashian happened to it By DiMarkco Chandler For some of you TV junkies that have not watched “Drop Dead Diva,” I can tell you that you’re missing a good ensemble cast and an equally entertaining comedy script about an aspiring model (Deborah “Deb”) who dies in […]

Kim Kardashian is no mermaid, but Cleopatra well maybe Kanye West & Kris Humphries know

By DiMarkco Chandler There are a number of history books and scholarly papers suggesting that the American Republic has its parallels in the ancient Roman Republic. I have worked on several papers myself highlighting some of them, but except for a photo shoot, I have yet to read or write anything offering a real American […]

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