Tobacco Smokers – Cough it Up!

Tobacco Smokers – Cough it Up!

If you’re a tobacco smoker in search of a phlegm producing, breath inhibiting, marijuana smelling, something-or-other, Lobelia Inflata may be what you’re in search of.  If your cigarette of choice, hasn’t yet choked the life out of you, then quite possibly, this tobacco will give you the hacking, nagging, nasty, cough that you’re looking for. […]

Marijuana drug war kills thousands more than drugs

By Stephen Frye The drug war kills thousands more people than drugs ever kill. Our 25,000 gangs now kill more than 10,000 Americans yearly, and our drug war also causes about 10,000 Mexican murders yearly. Thousands more drug war deaths occur in prison where one third of prisoners are dead by age 45. Marijuana is […]

Marijuana is Safe; The Drug War is Deadly

By M.D. Frye Drug abuse is bad. The drug war is exponentially worse. Our grossly failed drug war is much more dangerous and deadly than the drugs. It kills far more people, including kids and teens, and we now have 25,000 drug gangs in the U.S. Their death rate is five times higher than Texas’ […]

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