Bishop Angers Colleagues: Performs Same-sex Marriage [video]

Bishop Melvin Talbert

Bishop Angers Colleagues: Performs Same-sex Marriage [video]

Despite warnings from fellow colleagues a Tennessee bishop has angered the Council of Bishops by choosing to perform same-sex marriages. Bishop Melvin Talbert was told that he’d be violating the faith’s Book of Discipline by officiating a wedding that was contrary to their doctrine. Talbert understands tradition but feels strongly that the church cannot continue […]

Obama Endorses Gay Marriage

By Stephanie Kutner On May 10th, Obama became the first sitting president to publicly endorse gay marriage. Vice president Joe Biden was the first of the two to publicly assert his stance on gay equality- without permission- during an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press. This was shortly followed by Education Secretary Arney Duncan. Obama, […]

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