Christopher Dorner’s ID found in San Diego

According the San Diego police have reported that a citizen found ID wallet containing a badge and ID belongings. The manhunt for Christopher Dorner has been extended to 3 counties in California and Nevada. The FBI performed a law enforcement action at the Las Vegas residence of Christopher Dorner. The surrounding neighborhood was cleared for […]

10 Reasons Why NBC Should Have Cancelled “The Office”

10 Reasons Why NBC Should Have Cancelled “The Office”

Some T.V. couch potatoes might find it extremely difficult to believe that NBC’s hit comedy, “The Office,” could have ever been a hit. Perhaps, an even more troubling factoid to consider is that from its first episode up to the show’s ninth season critics consistently characterized “The Office” as extremely funny. In its first season, […]

Boy Found Handcuffed in basement

Boy Handcuffed to Pole Since September Some stories are hard to report, this is definitely one of them.  I’ve heard many stories in my life about the cruelty of human beings, and I have never been able to forget about them.  They make no sense.  There is no possible way I can understand how someone’s […]