Attention Men, the Women Are Coming

Women are becoming dangerous for white males who have been dominant since 1776.

Attention Men It’s Time to “Put Up, Or Shut Up”  While campaigning, government officials are fond of using lots of “patriotic” words.  Among them are “freedom”, “democracy”, and “equality.”  Let’s see what some politicians really mean, when they use these words designed to create an emotional response. Our country was founded to create religious freedom […]

Christopher Dorner’s Survival Game

If students get into a battle with each other, and kill innocent bystanders, it’s just “good business” for the NRA, the gun lobby.

Christopher Dorner’s Survival Game

Christopher Dorner, The “Wild West” Obsession. I grew up playing “cowboys and Indians”, and “cops and robbers”.  I know it’s politically incorrect now, but we participated in the game almost daily.  Society has always had a fascination with the “bad guy”.  Knowing nothing about his reality, I wanted to be Jesse James, or Billy “the Kid”.  […]

Bath Salts: new designer drug that makes people crazy

 Killer Drug Sold Over The Counter By Dock Walls, @dockwalls More and more often, people high on “Bath Salts” are becoming violent and engaging in psychotic behavior. Teens high on this uncontrolled substance have killed their parents, neighbors and even their neighbors’ goats. Now, the President of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police has suggested the […]

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