Obesity is Caused by Laziness


On every network: from every ‘expert,’ I continually hear reasons why the United States is the first or second most obese nation in the world.  I am fed up with justification for the truth.  Obesity in the United States is caused by laziness.

My advice to avoid obesity is ‘get off you’re a## and do something!

Americans will drive around a parking lot for ten minutes to find a space close to the entrance of a restaurant, retail store, and, yes, even a gym.  We are addicted to our automobiles.  We drive two blocks instead of walking.

I see it all the time.  In grocery stores, customers lean on their carts instead of briskly walking through the aisle.  At intersections, pedestrians walk as if they will die when they reach the other side.

The medical profession has labeled obesity ‘a disease.’  Why?  So insurance companies will be forced to pay for treatment of a situation which is self-imposed, and could be prevented.

America has never been a country that consumed a diet considered ‘healthy.’  When my brother and I grew up in the early 1960’s, our mother was a single parent.  She worked as many hours as her company allowed her.  We frequently had cereal, or even cake for breakfast; anything that would fill our stomachs.  The constant was that she always made our lunches for school, and cooked dinner for us.  She was forced to; there were no such things as ‘fast food restaurants’ where we could purchase a cheap and fat filled lunch.  Besides, we couldn’t wait to finish our lunch and participate in a sport.  (We wouldn’t have had the money to buy lunch anyway.)

The biggest difference in the food we ate was what we didn’t eat.  We didn’t eat between meals, with the exception of an apple, orange, or banana, and we didn’t drink sodas all day.  We drank water, and not from a bottle that polluted the environment.

The biggest difference was that we didn’t play sports on a game console or a computer.  We actually played the games.  Every park and playground had dozens of kids waiting for someone with a ball to choose sides and participate in the sport of choice.  We played before school, at lunch, and after school.  We didn’t sit, we ran.

I am not ‘anti-electronics,’ but they have their place.  Burying your face in a screen the majority of your life is a waste of time, and helps you gain weight and eventually become obese.

I doubt kids today would know how to play ‘hide-and-seek,’ or ‘tag.  I don’t believe a single mother has to look for her children at dusk to make them come inside before it was dark.

In every classroom, in every school, more than 50 percent of the students are overweight.  In my classroom, there may have been one or two.  Most of us were called ‘skinny.’  But we seldom sat, except during classes.

I loved television, but it was for early mornings, or after it was dark.  Staring at a screen of any type was not considered when we could be involved in an outdoor activity.

All the discussion, all the excuses by ‘analysts’ are ridiculous.  Obesity in America is caused by laziness.  The absence of walking, running, and simply playing, accounts for our serious overweight problem.

James Turnage

6 Responses to "Obesity is Caused by Laziness"

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  3. Marlena   November 17, 2015 at 5:14 am

    I don’t think the author was stating that absolutely everyone who is obese is lazy and he doesn’t need to have superior credentials to have an opinion – just as those who very opinionately stated that he is completely wrong, lazy and offensive are not experts, have no credentials and have nothing to cite in return.

    I don’t agree with all the points Mr. Turnage had but I do agree with Julie Clarity in that yes, there are those who have a medical condition which leads to obesity, however, I am hard pressed to find any statistics which state that obesity-inducing medical conditions have increased at all since the 1950’s, while obesity itself has dramatically increased.

    This leads to the simple conclusion that a huge percentage of obesity is caused by lifestyle choices rather than a “disease”.

    However, those choices are not always ours to make. For example, eating healthy is frankly expensive, oftentimes double or triple the price of eating junk. Many times people simply can’t afford to pay exuberant prices for a piece of food simply to have it be organic.
    Meanwhile, the food industry adds large amounts of hormones and chemicals to “regular” dairy products as well as many meats so if you cannot afford to pay for grain fed chicken or organic milk then oftentimes you are in fact eating badly even when you are buying what ‘should’ be considered healthy food.

    So Mr. Turnage does have his points but he doesn’t cover the spectrum of issues out there.

  4. Julie Clarity   August 31, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I somewhat agree with the author. While there some instances of medically obese, they are a very small percentage. However, the nutritive value of food has gone waaaaaay down, and, when a body is seeking scant nutrition from low quality food, it will drive its steward to overeat. I remember the days I would eat an entire loaf of bread or box of cereal for the iron/folate in it.

    When I changed food quality by eschewing the overly processed stuff in the center store aisles, when I switched from commercial grown to more organically grown, when I upped the veggies & fruits (the organically grown taste much better, so it happens naturally) and mostly eliminated grains, cow dairy, beef & pork (I went Type 2 diabetic at modern size eight, btw, so y’all consider yourselves warned…then I got pregnant…went preeclamptic, so the weight went way back up for a bit, there), even when I switched out all sweeteners for sugar and honey and stevia, much of my weight magically disappeared…and so did the bloated look about the face. (I’m still Type 2, sigh, so now, at modern size 4-6, I shall add even more exercise back in…it has been a long slow experiment on my part, all so I can write about my experiences and convince people to my side of things LOL. I can’t just wiffle off to a doctor for a nice denial enhancing script on our healthcare prohibitive employer negotiated insurance plan. But, I notice most women my age have already supersized and are on denial supporting pharmaceuticals or denial supporting cigarettes…anyway, take my word for it Diabetes SUCKS.)

    Switch food quality…and start walking…even once around the block after dinner does wonders for the soul. Thank you.

  5. Rachel V   August 27, 2013 at 7:26 am

    No, Mr. Turnage, obesity has many potential causes. Poorly written op ed’s that don’t cite any real research are caused by laziness.

  6. Robert Christopher Laity   August 17, 2013 at 3:26 am

    What credentials do you have that makes you such an “expert”. Obesity IS a disease. No one wanyts to be obese. Your generalization that all Obese people are lazy is offensive.

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