Eating Smart – Autism Cured Through Gluten-Dairy-Free Diet

autism cured by gluten-dairy free diet
Maybe you know someone who has been diagnosed with autism. Perhaps it is your neighbor, your nephew or even your own child. Those living day to day with individuals experiencing autistic symptoms are often faced with difficult challenges in communication and the basics, which the rest of the population would describe as “normal living.” Many parents and advocates of autism have shown links between the administration of vaccinations and the on-set of autism, despite denial from the medical community. A recent story surfacing on-line is one of many cases where a child with autism has been nearly completely cured through eating smarter – like introducing a gluten and dairy free diet.

Those with autism often experience a big delay in what is termed “regular learning” including basic speech and communication skills. These children and adults may not be able to show empathy for others, have eye to eye contact or share any kind of social interactions where most individuals tend to. Now some might say these symptoms sound like the making of an introverted genius or creative type. In some instances, this is most assuredly so, though for parents of diagnosed autistic kids, the day to day experiences and processes can be more than challenging to the point of leading the parents to look for any alternative possible in order to relieve them of constant stress. This was true for the parents of Ethan Fox.

Ethan’s parents stumbled onto the writings of a Dr. Kenneth Bock, author of Healing The New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies, specializing in autistic cases.  Upon his advice, Ethan’s mom and dad started implementing a diet that was free of gluten and dairy products.  To their delight and surprise, Ethan’s symptoms started to go away immediately and he began to exhibit signs of being “just a normal kid.”  The first sign was sleeping regularly after a huge spell of not sleeping.  According to statistics quoted in Dr. Bock’s book and other sources, autistic children can be relieved of their symptoms with these simple changes in diet in 60% of cases.

Many do not buy into the idea that vaccines can cause autism.  This is clear based on the fact that all school systems still mandate vaccines as part of the regular admissions process.  Mainstream media and the medical community have gone out of their way to debunk the idea that vaccines could cause such a devastating illness, though advocates and parents of autistic children continue to press the issue.  It cannot be denied, when looking at statistics, that the numbers of autistic children definitely rose with the increased mandate of vaccinations.  In fact, the numbers rose from 1 in every 2500 kids before 1991 to 1 in only 91 children today.  That is a huge increase – 2700% to be exact.

Ethan Fox is a perfect example of taking an alternative path, listening to the voice of concerned parents and benefiting greatly from doing so.  Those who are against the idea of autism as a result of vaccinations are obviously not parents of autistic children.  When you are a parent, you will not leave any stone uncovered, even if that means implicating what was previously a trustworthy practice to you.  Most parents who now lobby against vaccines and educate people about the dangers of vaccinations were once believers in them.  It generally takes a personally devastating experience with something in order to turn you to the other side, as many have done with vaccines.  Here is the story of Ethan Fox as reported by Fox News:

Do you know someone with autism? Is it your own child? Perhaps this information could benefit you or someone you know. There is never harm in exploring dietary changes as a pathway to possible healing. For Ethan Fox, who suffered from autism since 18 months, he has been apparently cured for the most part through a gluten and dairy-free diet.

Written by: Stasia Bliss


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