Justin Bieber Rocking Robin for Funny or Die?

Justin Bieber Rockin Robin?

Beliebers the world over went crazy after Justin Bieber posted an Instagram photo of himself holding what looks like a Batman vs Superman movie script. The hint appeared to be that Batman’s sidekick Robin would be played by Bieber making him a “rocking Robin” in the upcoming film. But later he tweeted that he was off to be “funny or die.” The thing that jumps immediately to mind is Punk’d.

Ashton Kutcher would be proud.

While fans of the Batman franchise have been busy screaming at the studio’s choice of Ben Affleck to play the caped crusader from Gotham City, at least one person has waded in with support for the choice. Kevin Smith, esteemed director and all-round comic book guy, came out in praise of the Affleck choice. However, Smith did not take seriously the news that Bieber would be playing Robin. His reaction? “Prank.”

He is most likely right. Justin Bieber is not a stranger to the Funny or Die website. If you head over there you will see quite a few videos that feature the 19 year-old pop star. While it is not too widely known that Bieber does a lot for charity, his presence on Funny or Die is more obvious. A rocking Robin video for the upcoming controversial Batman Versus Superman film would be really funny.

Most of the Canadian heartthrob’s videos are obviously aimed at his fans. Made for their viewing pleasure and showing that, if nothing else, Justin can laugh at himself no problem. In this instance, it looks like Bieber has graduated into somewhat more sophisticated humor than featured in his past Funny or Die videos.

Despite his Instagram snap getting over 700,000 likes in the record time of just 17 hours after he posted it, Justin did follow up his tantalizing photo with the Funny or Die tweet. The script featured in the snap does look like the real deal. Bieber emblazoned across the front of it and the Batman/Superman logo at the top along with the “based upon” at the bottom.

Since the Instagram snap was posted, the studio have said that the referenced “based upon” Batman: The Dark Knight Falls is not being adapted for the new Batman vs Superman 2015 feature. So we happen to think that there is not going to be a Justin Bieber rocking Robin in the cross over feature.

After heading over to Funny or Die, you will find that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions website features a lot of videos with celebrity “exclusives” and Justin Bieber has six on the site. Although the actual count of Bieber related items on the site number 284 in the areas of words and pictures.

Since all of the six exclusive videos on the site feature a Bieber who still has that long hair and higher pitched voice of his early teens, it looks like Justin has decided to do a “older” video for his fans to appreciate on the site. So keep an eye out for a rocking Robin to Affleck’s Batman in the very near future. We take off our hat to Justin if he is doing another Funny or Die, you have to love a guy who can poke fun at himself. We would not be surprised to hear if it was attached to a charity as well.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  1. shawnnasia   September 21, 2013 at 11:52 am

    when i heard that he died i cred for two days.

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