Adam Lambert and Queen Rock the iHeartRadio Festival

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Queen boasted about Adam Lambert, excited the singer would be joining them. The enthralling emotion was mutual and these two forces rocked the iHeartRadio Music Festival Friday night. Lambert stunned the crowds and worked the audience into a frenzy when he joined Queen singing Bohemian Rhapsody, and a multitude of other band hits.

Donned in black, filled with musical prowess, Lambert ruled the stage with his presence and vocals. Glamberts were thrilled to see their iconic singer mark the stage with legendary Queen. What makes Queen so super-cool is their response to the Lambert that is Adam. Brian May stated that Lambert has a “beautiful tone” that complements the band’s material. Additionally, May added that Lambert “has the passion,” the humor and an enjoyable level of campiness. Fans would agree wholeheartedly.

Glamberts have been following the life and story of Lambert since his appearance on idol. The Whataya Want From Me singer has become a dominate force in the music industry. From talent, poise and stardom, Lambert shines as a key advocate for equal rights and is a role model for the gay community. His strength and power are elated by amazing groups like Queen, who welcome his talent to send iHeartRadio audiences into a screaming roar.

In 2009 rumors started surfacing that Lambert would be the perfect touch to Queen when the band parted ways with Paul Rodgers. Lambert brought a certain sense of nostalgia to the group, he had the Freddie Mercury attitude with the pipes. He could fulfill a void the band had been missing since the early 90s. Roger Tyler stated when Lambert was on American Idol, he was watching closely, stunned by a talent that connected with his musical soul.

Glamberts that have been following Lambert for many years remain dedicated enamored by his kindness, connection with the crowds and soul. He has reached the peak of his mighty mountain, created by his own talent, thanking no other than the fans who motivate him to continue on. The Glamberts took to social media to call Friday night’s performance epic, legendary and brilliant.

The rising icon with the legend make beautiful music.
The rising icon with the legend make beautiful music.

Reviewing the footage, Lambert was alive! He brought all of his dynamics for his hardcore fans and rocked the night away with Queen. Even people who may not be die-hard fans will enjoy the enthusiasm during the sets as the star singer collaborated with the amazingly talented band. Within just four years of walking out on the American Idol stage, Lambert has formed a fanbase around the globe, his ability to connect has created a demand for his presence at concert venues.

Katy Perry even took a moment to give props to Lambert and no hit to Katy, but Lambert with Queen brought the house down with their performance. Katy and Chris Brown each had their own time at the mic and showed their excitement to be at one the year’s most popular venues. Sir Elton John took the stage and speak of a legend! With hits stemming from Bennie and the Jets, Home Again and The Bitch is Back – Elton John left a trail of screaming fans. Honestly, one can easily state the big winners of the night were Elton John, Queen and Adam Lambert and the moment when TLC joined J. Cole on stage was pretty spectacular.

What’s next for Lambert? He will be heading to Oklahoma to perform live at the Winstar Casino. Fans can visit the site for ticket information and tickets go on sale on the 27. Queen and Adam Lambert rocked the iHeartRadio Music Festival last night! Fans can only expect more amazing performance for future dates. What was your favorite set?


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  1. Queen & Adam Lambert Tickets   May 6, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    great article and enjoyed the reading.

  2. Jacqui   September 30, 2013 at 8:07 am

    I flew from Singapore via London just to see Adam Lambert front Queen again. Well worth the time and money. This is a match made in Heaven and Adam’s Who Wants to Live Forever was mindbogglingly epic. What a voice and what emotion! Bravo!


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