Kris Jenner Came Out of Womb Wanting Ferrari Says Sister

Kris Jenner Came out of the Womb Wanting a Ferrari
Kris Jenner’s sister, Karen Houghton, has spoken to InTouch Weekly to spill the beans on what drives the recently separated reality television personality. According to Karen, it is all about the money. She says that Kris Jenner came out of the womb wanting a Ferrari.

Houghton told InTouch that her sister is driven by a lust for fame, power and money. She claims this lust rules Jenner’s world and that her obsession is destroying her life.

According to Kris’ 54 year-old sibling, Jenner plans every day on how to get more money. Claiming that she wakes up early and plots to increase her bank account, Karen explains that her sister is a “hustler” and a “workaholic.”

The part-time nurse and single mother said that with Kris, it is about the power and the trappings of wealth, things that she, Karen, does not want nor care about. She believes that unhappy people long for these things. Money, she says, is everything to Kris.

Karen states that it was growing up with very little money for extra things in Claremont, California that made Kris fixate on money and expensive things. Their parents separated when they were children and the two hardly saw their father. He died as a result of a car accident in 1975.

But despite the lack of extra money, Houghton says that the two sisters were spoiled, not with money, but with love. Karen says that even though there was a surplus of love, Kris was not happy as a child because she had a weight problem.

Karen also says that her sister has a “money gene” that dictates her search for monetary gain. This gene was apparently there from birth since, according to Houghton, Kris Jenner came out of the womb wanting a Ferrari.

This unhappiness is what made Kris spend around $1 million on cosmetic surgery, according to Karen. In her search for perfection, Jenner spent time hanging around country clubs looking for the right husband. She found it in Robert Kardashian who would later find fame as O J Simpson’s attorney when he was tried for double murder.

Kris was only 22 years-old when she married Robert in 1978 and they quickly had four children, Robert, Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney. This rapid settling in as a mother caused Kris to try to make up for lost time after the divorce.

This is not the first time that Karen Houghton has revealed intimate details about her famous sister. She talked last week about the state of Kris’ marriage to Bruce Jenner. And she is not alone in sharing family secrets.

Another source close to Kris Jenner has spoken of her attempts to separate Khloe Kardashian Odom from her drug addicted husband Lamar. The source reported that Kris is working very hard to jettison Lamar from the picture and find a replacement. Amazingly, Jenner’s first choice for Khloe is the singer Drake.

But Kris may not succeed. According to another source, Kris’s children spend a lot of time being angry with her. It has also been reported that Kim Kardashian is spending more time with her new baby, North, and North’s father Kanye West and less time with her mother.

In the meantime, Kris Jenner, who her sister says came out of her mother’s womb asking for a Ferrari, has separated from Bruce. Her talk show is also suffering from declining viewing figures, but, she may be able to survive that if she gets enough of that $125 million estate.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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      i would like some reply’s to my comment about kris jenner getting into a very bad head to head outfield collision with another outfielder in a baseball game.

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