New Moon Secrets

This weekend marks yet another new moon in the ever repeating cycle of the lunar journey.  What is the significance of a new moon other than a dark night and a turn toward the waxing moon once again?  What secrets does the new moon hold for each one of us to discover, if any?  Is it only for the esoteric to notice the fresh beginnings offered by this significant phase? Or can each one of us reap the poignant “restart” available with every dark moon?

Those who follow the stars and planets in their actual, literal positions, the “science” of the sky are called astronomers.  Those who follow the energetics of the planetary positionings and how they seem to influence our behavior and lives are called astrologers.  These two worlds have rarely, if ever met in peace.  Though those who follow astrology have no qualms with the astronomers, the astronomers, however, are not so fond of the “mystical notions” presented by those who would suggest the sky is anything deeper than a bunch of barely describable dark matter, chunks of rocks and fire, spotted with a few billion galaxies and black holes.

The funny thing about the whole disagreement is that one science goes off “scientific, laboratory based” proof and the other is only provable through human experience.  Any way you speak of it, the moon is dark this weekend, not casting the same bright light as it did two weeks ago and will again two weeks from now.  Science agrees that the full moon affects sleep patterns and emergency rooms see more visits during the full phase than any other, so what of the new moon?

For many thousands of years, various cultures have seen the new moon as one of new birth.  It has been recognized as a time of inner reflection, prayer, an opportunity to tap intuition and a chance to utilize the energies of the cosmos to assist in new endeavors.  Tides change with the moon, with the new moon offering the lowest tide and most exposure to the barren coastline.  It seems in times of the new moon, more is revealed – and yet done so in the darkest of night.

Many herbalists and ancient day “witches” who worked with the cycles of the moon recognize the new moon as a great time to begin a cleanse or the creation of a tincture or formula for healing.  As the moon waxes again, there is a pulling nature to the cosmos that allows certain “substances” of mind and body to surface for healing.  The energies are also conducive to extracting constituents from plants.

Whether you believe in the “power” of the new moon or not, you can always experiment with the secrets of old available to each one of us by choosing to tap into the energy associated with rebirth.  The new moon of this weekend sits in the astrological sign of Libra, which signifies balance or justice.  Balance is essential for the possibility of renewal to take root.  If thoughts, energy or emotions are over-polarized to one degree, there needs be a process which brings balance so that the experience of wholeness can plant itself anew.  Just like a plant will not sprout and take root if the climate is too hot or freezing cold, one must come to the balance of an inner center in order to allow new ideas to germinate in life and healing to happen in the body.

This balance or justice is also essential in the world in order to come to a new place of order.  Perhaps this weekend’s sky will influence the direction of the American government for good, as surely things have been lop-sided in times past.  This could also be said of the entire world.  What would a world set in balance and harmony look like?  How could we all set the intention for this balance during this time of potent lunar emanations?

This new moon hold secrets, as does every day of life, if we but choose to tune into them and bring them into our experience.  The sun, the moon and the stars affect each one of us to varying degrees, just as the weather does, people and governments do in our lives.   Perhaps, in the scientific mind, we are more apt to hear “reason” and apply it to our reality because it makes sense on paper.  However, as we begin to listen to the more subtle truths expressing themselves in our reality as emotions, synchronicities and intuition, we start to live in a world where the proof comes from the inside and those things which made no sense before start to make perfect sense.

The new moon secrets are a reality if you choose them to be.  The opportunity to “start anew” every moment of every day is also true and available, though sometimes it is easier to allow the external world to give us cues – such as in the case of a new moon.  What if you experimented today with planting a seed?  In the ground, if the temperatures are right, or in your mind – as a query into the nature of the power of the moon?  What new things would you like to see sprout and grow this month?  As they say in the quantum world – wherever you put your power of observation, there will your reality be made.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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