South Africa Failing Democracy – Spotlight on Jacob Zuma

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The truth behind the failing democracy continues, and the spotlight falls on the current South African president, Jacob Zuma. Jacob Zuma  is a striking and unique character. His individual qualities whilst serving in the highest rank of land show a dedication and commitment to the country, and at the same time reveals how difficult and exhausting this task can be.

Spotlight on Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma is the fourth democratic president of South Africa, and  served as Deputy while under the reign of Thabo Mbeki. Zuma is no stranger to politics and holds an esteemed high position in the African National Congress (ANC).

Jacob Zuma has been criticized over the past two years for his enduring countless acts of self-enrichment and masterminding devious plans, hiding behind unscrupulous characters and favoring criminals. Every event or word uttered from his mouth is broadcast in the media, which is largely under the control of several Intelligence agencies with their own agendas. He is portrayed as a no good president. As previously mentioned, Jacob Zuma is a traditionalist and should be respected for his cultural beliefs; it is unfair to judge him based on his tradition. Yes, Mr. Zuma is a charming, intelligent and courageous man. It is said that he is a terrific husband, father and grandfather. He will sacrifice his life for his family; their wellbeing and safety is paramount. Jacob Zuma is also married to the ANC and is a dedicated and loyal member. He treats the party as a family member, and perhaps that is the problem, and why other members to look upon his popularity as a threat.

Is there a conspiracy to topple president Zuma?

Upon training and learning from the initiation schools, many cultures and traditions learn the survival mechanism. Yet the biggest lesson master was never to be caught committing any wrong doing. This culture follows all the way to the highest position of the land.

Previous presidents were underhanded and dishonest; corruption flowed steadily from the Nelson Mandela leadership and continued throughout the Thabo Mbeki reign. Corruption is rife under the Zuma government and will continue to grow.

The problem is that under the rule of the previous presidents, there was little or no disclosure of corruption or misconduct by the government officials, yet Jacob Zuma is always portrayed in a negative light through the media. Every encounter he undertakes is mentioned through the media, and this causes the president to appear as a greedy, corrupt and evil person.

Are there other people who want Jacob Zuma to fall? There is there real possibility that several high ranking individuals are strategizing the end of the Zuma government.

The Zuma government is linked to American support, and this does tend to make other people nervous. Several people, including Thabo Mbeki, Moeletsi Mbeke, Cyril Ramaphosa, Matthew Phosa, Tokyo Sexwale and Jeff Radebe, are linked to the MI6 from Britain.

These members are in direct opposition to the Zuma government and continue to plot cunning and underhanded ways to destroy him as leader of South African and remove him from the African National Congress (ANC) political party.

A vast amount of media channels in South Africa are under the South Africa Intelligence Services Department, and often news bulletins presented to the public often transmits only part of the truth. The direct control of government influence over the media has its benefits, and freedom of speech is not a practiced actuality in this country.

Letter to President Zuma December 30, 2013
Letter to President Zuma December 30, 2013

Will Jacob Zuma survive the cunning underhanded schemes against him and continue to lead the country for another five years? Zuma can change this whole situation and do something right. He must expose the corruption within the government departments and ensure the public have the truth.

Editorial By Laura Oneale




Photo by Martin Power