California Fires Leads to Suspect Arrest

California Fire Suspect Arrested

Not only have wildfires been torching California and causing worry for California residents; but, another fire concern for residents has now lead to the arrest of a suspect. Last night a man was taken into custody by San Jose police on the belief that he may have started 13 fires in San Jose over the last week. Police have reported that they know for sure that 11 of the fires were set intentionally.

Last Monday, San Jose police announced that they were in search of a suspect who had committed serial arson attacks on the homes of residents in the area. The criminal was reportedly starting fires in the yards of residents between the hours of two and six in the morning. The criminal continued to set fires for the next couple nights, until last night, when a suspect was finally arrested for the crime. Evidence that proves the suspect is guilty or information on how police were led to that individual have not been released.

Police do believe that the 13 fires set in California over the course of the last week were the responsibility of the leading suspect, which led to his arrest. Out of the fires that were set, five residents were left scrambling to get out of their homes as they were inside when the fires were set to their property. Fortunately, there were no casualties from any of the arson attacks.

At the start of the fires, police warned residents to make sure that there was nothing flammable in their yards, as that is where the fires were being set. As many took caution to try to avoid an arson attack on their home, the crimes continued uninterrupted. One video showed an unidentifiable man simply setting fire to the porch of one house. Surveillance videos also showed a man walking, several times, close to the areas where the fires were later set.

Some of the properties were almost completely destroyed, due to the fires, while other properties have just suffered minor damages. Police stated that a fire was even set to a church in the area, though reports are unclear. San Jose firefighters were quick to respond to the incidents and were successful in tending to all of the fires reported.

Most of the fires that were started took place in downtown San Jose or close by; and, at the time that police announced the concern, a $10,000 reward was offered to anyone who could lead them to a suspect. No reports have been made concerning whether or not anyone reported the suspect or if a reward has been given.

While police have not currently released the name of the suspect in custody many residents feel safer just knowing that police may have the culprit.

Currently no fires have been reported to police since the man was taken into custody. All of the fires set remain under investigation. As California fires continue to be a major issue, the fires set in San Jose may be coming to an end after the arrest of a leading suspect.

By Crystal Boulware