Justin Bieber Drug Bust Reveals More

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Two days ago police raided the house of Justin Bieber over the egg controversy involving Justin and his neighbor. More evidence is now surfacing against Bieber. Police were initially just looking for evidence that Bieber egged his neighbor’s house, but what they found was a little more than they were looking for. After arrests were made and property was taken in as evidence the drug bust at the house of Bieber could prove to reveal more about the beloved pop star.

On Tuesday, Bieber was served with a felony search warrant and detained in his mansion in Calabasas, CA, as police raided and searched his home for any evidence proving that Bieber egged his neighbor’s house. What police found was drugs, reportedly cocaine, although police also said it could have been ecstasy or Molly. Rapper Lil Za was arrested at the scene. Police said the drugs were in plain sight and needed to be tested to determine what type of controlled substance it was.

Also taken in as evidence was Bieber’s cell phone which police searched and have now found possible evidence that proves that Justin may have, in fact, egged his neighbor’s home, a crime in which the neighbor said caused much damage, as much as $20,000, to the outside of his home. The amount of damage caused is what raised the crime of egging to a felony, in the first place.

Police said that the evidence found on Justin’s phone, so far, was a video that did not “show” anything but provided sound, believed to be of the crime, that may be enough to convict if police can put the pieces together.

Bieber now may be facing jail time for the felony and some even say deportation for the Canadian born pop star, over the crime committed. Will the drug bust at the home of Bieber reveal more?

Bieber has now stated that he was worried that police may find naked pictures and drug references on his phone, in which police are unsure whether the naked pictures or references would also show some type of crime or not.

Trial attorney Rebecca Rose Woodland told Fox News said that she did not believe that egging should even be a felony crime, especially in this situation. She stated that every teen had egged someone’s property before and if Bieber were not so famous this matter would not be as big. Pilar Prinz, a Defense Attorney told Fox News that Bieber may be arrested but is not able to be deported back to Canada for this crime because it was not an aggravated crime.

Fans continue to wait eagerly to see how Justin’s crime plays out as police continue to work to find evidence against him.

In the meantime Bieber remains out of jail while rapper, Lil Za was released on two bonds, especially after damaging a phone inside the jail for which another charge was added to his arrest.

As police continue to sort through the evidence they wonder if Justin Bieber’s concerns over what’s inside his cell phone will cause him more problems. Reports continue to be made as the drug bust of Justin Bieber continues to reveal more than everyone expected.

By Crystal Boulware

Fox News
The Los Angeles Times

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