Justin Bieber Is Not Guilty!

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The drug scandal that had rocked the life of Justin Bieber in the last few days has been unmasked as just another media created hype. As the investigating officer,  Lt. David Thompson,  tore through the recent reports of the volume of drugs found in Bieber’s house, he effectively declared him not guilty against all the rumored allegations.

Bieber finally has the last laugh against the excessive scrutiny that his life has been subjected to in the recent days. The entire week-long story started with an alleged egg throwing complaint against Bieber leading to a stream of police officers swooping into his house. There was no stopping the rumors the moment the news of Bieber’s pal Li Za was caught in a suspected possession of Class A drugs.

Since then stories involving drugs and Bieber have been doing the rounds. These stories were ranging from a truckload of drugs being found in his house to his entire house smelling of marijuana. Justin Bieber’s tryst with drugs and his bid to save his pal from arrest has been trending like wild-fire and there was no shortage of rumors for the news hungry fans.

However, Lt. Thompson has put all those rumors about Bieber to the trash can. He has told media persons that other than the suspected drugs found on Li Za, no other forms of narcotics has been discovered in the “Baby” singer’s house.

He went to the extent of saying that far from the rumored allegations that Bieber’s house smelled of marijuana, his house was found to be perfectly well-kept and clean. He added that there was nothing out place in terms of odor when the raid was conducted. In effect the sheriff has absolved Justin Bieber of all allegations that has been trending across the week and may have found Bieber not guilty.

Another revelation about the raid night has come that the police arrived at the home of Bieber not to search the house but to extract surveillance videos. This was required to look for clues with respect to the egg throwing complaint and to investigate the cause of the damage to the property of Bieber’s neighbor.

The entire incident has been blown so out of proportion goes on to show the extent of the popularity of this young singer and some of the rumors that were put to complete rest are absolutely ridiculous.

  • There was no time for anyone to flush down any form of contents down any drain in the house to avoid detection.
  • No stash of weed was found inside as has been repeatedly been talked about everywhere.
  • No codeine bottles were found indicating that the rumors of addiction to codeine attached to Bieber could also be untrue.
  • Other areas of the houses where drugs could be stashed were not searched since the purpose of the visit was not to do a comprehensive search.
  • No exclusive smoke rooms were found inside the pad.
  • There was no unusual odor inside the house during the visit thereby negating all rumors of usage of pot.
  • The police did not have search warrants to check “cookie jars and cabinets” which were rumored to be the safe place chosen by Bieber to hide away his stash of weed.

With Lt. Thompson bringing the facts to the front, Justin Bieber would find the going a bit easier and calls for him to enter rehab should soon seize. Even the fans would be elated at Justin Bieber being declared not guilty.

By Daris Abraham


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  1. Dee   February 1, 2014 at 11:14 am

    Thanks for clearing that up. Imagine how terrible you would feel if someone made up these kinds of rumours about you? What the media has done to him should be illegal. He should sue.

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