The Boeremag: The Phantom Threat to South Africa


In South Africa, the  Boeremag, is a phantom threat that conjures up images of a terror group ready to kill black people on a massive scale. However, the reality is quite different.


The Boeremag is a paper tiger being used by people as a local bogeyman type threat.  The so called Afrikaners could not stand together at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Police generals could not abandon their juniors fast enough whilst trying to claim that they knew nothing.

The most expensive trial in the history of the RSA was the Boeremag trial. Several imbeciles were found guilty of trying to overthrow the government of the day as well as killing black people due to indiscriminate bombing. However, in this trial, evidence came to light that this group was trained by the local police and that the explosives used was supplied by the same police. The Afrikaans speaking judge did not see this discrepancy; an entire police operation which killed black people and assisted by white policemen.

In any other country, this issue would have been picked up on immediately. Not in South Africa.

If you want to discredit anybody, you accuse them of being part of the boeremag. Due to the inherent corruption in the system, the black senior officials are forced to go with the Boeremag issue; if not they will be ousted because of their past profane history. With scant regard to the law, the State apparatus swings into action, abuses abound from the corrupt sweeper to the judges so involved.

No bleating from people such as George Bizos, the influential human rights activist. Its only human rights when it seems one decides which case merits such.

The National Intelligence Service is actually at the epicenter of these illegal actions. The following names crop up continuously. One Herman Krause is the principal planner and scenario agent in this regard. Get on his wrong side, or that of his friends, and you are tainted as Boeremag. He is assisted by Gerhard Bester, who does the so called investigations. Interesting enough, all his sources turn out to be ex-Special Forces; not operators, but logistical staff. It is probably the same ones who have been part of the battles in the history of the Recces.

An unanswered question of how many people have been destroyed by these individuals? What happens naturally? They set out with a bunch of rough friends to steal from these people so incriminated by them, their livelihood, their businesses, their farms, and their dignity.


This phenomenon comes from pre 1994, either you were then a dangerous communist or you are now a boeremag. However, operations are lodged, budgets are approved, and scaly so called consultants are appointed at mega salaries, which of course are being shared between consultants and handlers. The body politic thinks that they are on top of the situation in the country. These people are so incompetent that they cannot even advise the government of the service delivery protests. Meanwhile, the anger and pressure is cooking, the melting pot is frightfully close to blowing up.

They control the press. It was alleged that when George Mazarikis, Director of Carte Blanche, tried to smuggle money out of the country, he was caught. Instead of being charged, he is being controlled by the Intelligence Services to ensure that only what they want  the world to know gets aired on television. Alternatively, programs are rewritten that cause the whole story to go missing. That’s right, it’s that George who’s driving around with an expensive Italian sports car.

He’s not the only journalist; Erica Gibson and Jacques Pauw at News 24 was also implicated as being on the payroll of those Intelligence deviants.

What’s the damage being done to the country? Until such time as these rogue elements are exposed there will never be a democracy and the Boeremag, the phantom threat to South Africa, is just that an illusion.

Editorial By Laura Oneale


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