Life Continues on After Death States Scientist

Life Continues On After Death States Scientist

A new book that has just been released which is titled Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe has caused quite a stir all across the Internet, due to the fact that its subject matter is completely about the idea of life continuing on after death and going on forever. The author of the book is scientist Dr. Robert Lanza and he has been called the third most significant science researcher alive today by the New York Times.

Lanza is considered to be one of the top professionals in the world in regard to regenerative medication and works as a scientist on cell technology. Before this, Dr. Lanza was known for widespread research in which he studied stem cells. He is also known for performing numerous cloning experiments on endangered animals.

However, he decided to get involved with quantum mechanics and astrophysics. Such a combination has given rise to the theory of biocentrism. That is the idea that states both consciousness and life itself are essential to the universe.  It is consciousness which has created the physical universe and not the opposite way around as has been believed, according to Lanza.

He states that the entire assembly of the universe, and the constants, forces and even laws of the universe seem to be set up for life, suggesting that some sort of intelligence occurred before any matter was created.  He also states that time and space are not things or items, but are instead just tools to help individuals understand the world around them.  Lanza explained that people hold time and space close similar to how turtles carry their shells. But when people throw off their shells (time and space disappear) people still live.

Lanza is also a believer of multiple universes. He thinks that even though a person might pass away in one universe, but in another, it can still be alive and well and continues to exist. This idea means that someone who has died would go not to heaven or hell but end up in a world that was similar to the one that he or she once before had lived in but is now again alive. This continues onward indefinitely.

This very controversial theory that is held by Dr. Lanza actually has many supporters and not just plain mortals who are terrified of death, but also some other very well-known scientists as well. These are both physicists and also astrophysicists who happen to say that the presence of parallel worlds and the prospect of multiple universes is a possible concept. The idea of the multiverse or multi-universe is actually a real scientific concept, which many researchers defend. They state that there are no physical laws in existence that disallow any presence of there being the possibility of parallel worlds.

Dr. Hugh Everett, who worked at Princeton University, stated that at any time the universe can divide into any number of endless parallel instances. The very next moment, these brand-new universes split into yet another branch.. In some of these worlds a person might be watching television, in others he or she could be reading a book or even in others that person may not even exist.

What causes the triggers for such universes are peoples own actions. When certain choices are made, in an instant one universe divides into two that have two various outcomes. It is believed that space has many different orbs that allow the rise to similar orbs, and these make even more orbs, and so it goes on and on to infinity. Throughout the universe, they are apart, never knowing of each other but they all signify parts of the very same universe from which they came.

There is data that shows the universe is not alone. Using information from deep space telescopes, scientists have produced an extremely accurate map of microwave backgrounds. These are considered cosmic relics that have stayed around since the beginning of the birth of the universe. They have also discovered the universe contains much dark matter that is represented by gaps and black holes.

With this, many scientists now think there are many places that the soul could go to after death, when studying the idea of neo-biocentrism. Yet this is if one believes the soul actually exists.  The scientist Dr. Stuart Hameroff, who is a near-death expert, offers a different description of consciousness that can perhaps appeal to rational scientific minds and also personal clairvoyance.

Hameroff believes that consciousness resides inside microtubules of the brain. These are the main areas of quantum processing.  When death occurs, this information is released out of a person’s body, therefore meaning a consciousness is let go as well. Consciousness is believed by these scientists to be an important property of the universe that was present back at the beginning of the universe when the Big Bang occurred.

If such were to be true, then all souls were made from the very fabric of the universe and have existed since the starting of time itself. Human brains would be considered only receivers and amplifiers for the consciousness that is floating around in space and time.

Such accounts of quantum consciousness might start to explain such occurrences such as out of body experiences, near-death experiences, astral projection and possibly reincarnation without the need to bend to any religious philosophy.  The energy of consciousness could possibly be recycled over and over into a new body at some time. While it waited, it could stay out of any physical body on some other kind of reality, and even in some kind of other sort of universe.

All these ideas have come to pass due to the new book Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe which has caused quite a stir all across the Internet, due to the fact that its subject matter is completely about the idea of life continuing on after death and going on forever. The author of the book, scientist Dr. Robert Lanza, has been called the third most significant science researcher alive today by the New York Times.

By Kimberly Ruble


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5 Responses to "Life Continues on After Death States Scientist"

  1. Catherine Lovell   March 19, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    This has all been researched and much more coherently explained
    by David Wilcock at Divinecosmos. It irks me that just because Lanza
    is such a well known scientist that he receives the credit for this which
    is only a part of the real truth. Also read David’s top selling book, “The
    Synchronicity Key,” and his major movie, “Convergence,” both of which
    contain these findings.

  2. geraldkrumland   March 15, 2014 at 10:31 am

    This is all covered in the Ancient Advaita Vedanta philosophy. It was known long ago by minds that purified themselves through various disciplines and were not just content to have an intellectual or theoretical understanding but wanted to REALIZE the Infinite, Changeless, Undivided Nature of Ultimate Reality. It takes a lot of effort directed in a non-material direction, which few in the human race are willing to do. It’s still worth it.

  3. james debar   March 13, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    “My Self, My Soul” adds to the ‘consciousness’ debate, from the perspective of an NDE experience. …
    It takes a very different approach (conversation) but the book identifies the soul as providing consciousness to the self, well before our birth.

    The scientific community is beginning to open-up to other than the strictly scientific and measurable answers to ‘consciousness’. Having experienced an NDE, many years ago, I recently published “My Self, My Soul” in which my self explores consciousness through a discussion with my soul.

    Having been a skeptic and a pragmatist in the corporate world, the experience inevitably changed me and changed my life. Understanding ourselves and who we are may lead us to better understanding one another. The root of our consciousness has everything to do with it.

    @ Kimberly Ruble, if you provide me an email address, I’d be happy to send a copy.

    • Kimberly Ruble   March 13, 2014 at 7:33 pm

  4. Lauren Smith   March 12, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    Well I have to agree that there is something out there after we die. It brings me peace and gives me comfort in knowing that we are headed someplace better then we are now! I love the book, “Held By The Hand Of God: Why Am I Alive” by author Joe Laws. It’s modern medicine at its finest.

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