Police Brutality and Abuse of Power the New Norm? [Graphic Video]

Police Brutality

Not a day goes by without news of another case of police brutality or the abuse of power by officers, which begs the question: is this the new norm? There was a time when it was not so common to hear about abuse by the police, let alone see actual footage of the abuse taking place. But now in this age of technology, camera phones, video cameras and even squad car dash cams have made it possible for the general public to have access to the rampant abuse of power by law enforcement. As police brutality becomes more commonplace one is left to wonder if the public can ever really feel safe and protected by the very ones supposedly charged with that duty.Police Brutality

It has been said that the supreme court indicated it was not an officers job to protect the public but only to enforce the laws. If this is in fact the case, then those false “To Protect and Serve” logos need to be immediately removed from every surface they exist on. If citizens cannot depend on those who are charged with the responsibility of peace keeping, who then will keep the peace? How scary is it that often times in situations that are initially harmless, if the police show up, that situation has an increased chance of possibly getting much worse by them becoming involved. An innocent person is more likely to end up with something life changing happening to them that will definitely be painful in one way or another. It is no secret that this scenario is especially true for minorities and has been for a very long time. When viewed from the point of view of minorities, police brutality and the abuse of power by the justice system is not a new norm at all, but has always been the case.Police Brutality

Presently, there has been a noticeable shift in the nature of this long standing abuse. There are now more cases of the police abusing any and everybody be they young, old, black, white, human or animal. They are bursting into homes (often the wrong ones) shooting and killing residents, but then claiming somebody had a weapon or made a sudden move causing them to fear for their lives. They are shooting people in the back then claiming the person again had a weapon or came at them threateningly. In many of these cases the police have been found to have falsified reports, planted evidence and flat out been the aggressor. There was a time when they could and did easily get away with this behavior. Even with incriminating video evidence they still are known to get off without so much as a reprimand. Why is this, and what can both the public and honest law enforcement personnel do about it? The answers may not be easy but the current vibe between average citizens and the police are troubling to say the least.

Police BrutalityThe rampant and heinous abuse of those officers who operate outside the perimeters of their sworn duties has become much more than just troubling. The problem is heating to a rapid boil as the recent events surrounding the homeless man who was killed by police in Albuquerque have shown. It is sadly not far fetched or extreme to think that it will come down to hand to hand combat in the event of say, marshal law. It is already happening all over the globe. When you can kill with impunity the balance becomes lopsided making a very dangerous recipe for disaster. It seems that with all the gun violence going on, both the police and the public have become jumpy and nervous and much more likely to shoot first and sort out the details later. Trust is rapidly dwindling and the “us” versus “them” syndrome is becoming ever more pronounced and noticeable. Interestingly, when officers are not actively on duty, they tend to lead normal lives just like the rest of us which makes it difficult to understand the animosity and division between them and the public when the uniform goes back on. It has been said that the police are a “gang” unto themselves and that many of them over time develop a genuine sense of superiority over citizens and view them as disposal collateral in the so called war against crime.Police Brutality

These days, people are just downright afraid and distrustful of the police. Even senior citizens are at risk of being killed by a nervous cop, as in the recent case of the elderly gentleman who was tragically shot after exiting his car as he reached over to retrieve his walking stick, which the officer mistook as a shotgun. There were two victims in that situation because the officer who mistakenly shot the man is said to have broken down with abject remorse soon after the shooting. It really shows that things are spiraling out of control when an armed officer has to feel that he can’t even trust the intentions of an elder. Yet it would seem that neither can the general public trust the intentions of an officer. You just never know if you’re going to have the awful luck of coming into contact with a cop who has an evil agenda. If police contact does occur even under mundane circumstances, the immediate reaction might be to panic and start thinking things like “maybe if I act this way or that way, or say this or say that I can avoid an altercation and not end up getting a bs ticket, going to jail or even worse, getting killed!” What an awful way to have to feel when dealing with the police in minor situations. The threat of police brutality and the abuse of power becoming the new norm is proving to be a deadly combination for both citizens and those charged with policing them.

Police BrutalitySomeone once shared a theory that the reason so many officers have abusive personalities is because frequently, the types of people who are attracted to law enforcement are usually types who were bullies to begin with. They went on to state that many of them harbor borderline psychotic and deviant personalities and are somehow able to get past the vetting process. It stands to reason that the promise of power and the lack of oversight is appealing to these types. Maybe the vetting process should be vetted! It appears that all too often many officers go well beyond what is required as far as violence is concerned. What ever happened to aiming for non lethal targets when firing on citizens? And why is it so common to see a large number of officers swarm on just one person? Understandably situations can and often do escalate quickly, which is why it is important for officers to get thorough and effective training in how to deal with the public. Because clearly there is a vital component lacking in the process.Police Brutality

It must also be said that obviously all officers are not corrupt or out to kill. Certainly the actions of bad police make it even harder on those who genuinely wish to do an honest job and be upstanding in their privileged positions. In all honesty, the actions of officers who are either corrupt, badly trained, trigger happy or just scared and or inept are making things bad for decent officers and everyone else as well. Something has to give and more dialogue has to start happening or we will simply be doomed to more of the same. If things ever get so bad that this country finds its citizens facing off against any branch of law enforcement, hopefully those in uniform will realize in time that, they are us, just as we are them. Here’s to hoping that true healing can begin and that the abuse and brutality will rapidly become a thing of the past.

Commentary By Mai Nowlin


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  1. JEAN SCOOT   December 1, 2015 at 9:26 am


    • kyle merryfield   January 5, 2017 at 7:27 am

      it is not that white people hate blacks in general as i am white and have many friends of different ethnicities it is just bad blood and i can not speak for all whites as there are plenty of racists out there white or not but dont include all the people in one ethnicity if you only know of a few people of that ethnicity thank you

  2. Sean   January 9, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    Alright now I don’t stand up for anyone. If you look at these videos the first one the officers told the man to get on the ground not to come walking toward them, they also say he has a knife. Now there training is to fight deadly force with deadly force. If the man would not have chosen to reach for his knife and would have stated that he had a knife on him they he would not have got shot if he follow orders. Then in the second video a citizen calls in and states that the man did not do nothing now the questions is how much of the video did the citizen record. People will lie to get others in trouble, an officer will NOT attack or do anything wrong to you unless you disobey what they tell you. The media is out there to make officers look bad not good. They will cut parts of any video to make someone like an officer look bad, then a citizen will only record the part to make an officer look bad. Its not hard to do what is asked. One simple and stupid mistake people make is to attack an officer, if u have a knife,gun or any deadly weapon you will be shot and I say again will. However if you are unarmed and resist or try to attack an officer you will be tazed. Stop trying to make heros look bad!. If you were being attacked with a knife and you had a gun on you you will draw it and shot the guy with the knife. The same goes for an officer.

  3. Khanijah   October 10, 2014 at 9:43 am

    See i wanna know why our president isn’t doing anything to stop this. If this continues we are going to lose some one bigger than just an innocent bystander.I sit here and think how can they do this. Is it just for fun? this is just another reason as to why this needs to stop.

  4. cherie tsai   September 27, 2014 at 12:30 am

    I have a story, but after reading all these blogs, I feel whats the point? i got arrested in a movie theater at 10am in morning for disturbing the peace, lol. the cop said i looked familiar and arrogant. i didn’t do anything that morning except checking my phone when it vibrated. I’m charged and have to live with this for going to see a movie one morning. I’m not a lawyer or someone with power or money. so although my story is not big like others but my frustration and stress are just as big. America became a third world country, where police can abuse anyone they choose. Noone cares, theres nothing you can do about it if you’re just an average person.

  5. Christian   August 19, 2014 at 9:27 am

    This was a very informing post. Thank you. I’ve also wondered if the sudden rise in police brutality reports were simply just due to “more reports” and less situations, but it just seems that we’re shining a flashlight through a dark valley. A few bad apples? More like a few GOOD apples.

  6. Steve   July 23, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    I commented on Facebook about a dozen Butte County Sheriffs in Stirling City Ca. In 2009 who began kicking down our doors, performing searches, even pulling people over for being from there because one of the Sheriffs lost a Quad off his trailer near town and was convinced that someone from Stirling City had stolen it.
    Two days ago while driving to the Post Office I was pulled over and had a gun in my face, was told to put my hands on the wheel. My car of ten years with disabled vet plates had been reported stolen. I’m a service connected fully disabled vet that spends a large amount of my time in a wheelchair.
    If you can not honor someone’s rights how can you possibly protect them?

  7. Sonny Free   May 12, 2014 at 4:35 am

    I posed a comment about my local police dept in my small tennessee community that was a big NO,NO.I received a home visit from a police LT who put his gun upside my head and threaten to blow what brains i had left out for making negative comments about HIS dept.His chief told me when i called and reported it just said before hanging up STOP TALKING ABOUT BAD POLICE.My family and friends tell me my life isn’t worth a plug nickel because the police will murder me for speaking out against them.I will say they probably will sooner or later but the truth is the truth rather the police want it told or not.we cant stand back because we fear the police they work for us we are not working for them and their brutality has to stop so when they do murder me i just hope someone else will stand up and take my place they cant kill all of us.my opinion

    • John Doe   June 20, 2014 at 9:35 am

      That’s when you and some friends pay that MFer a visit and see how he likes guns to his head. Except you actually do it.

    • Chris   July 19, 2014 at 6:54 pm

      It’s your right to say whatever you want about the police, it’s sad what they’re doing to people. This country needs an uprising, we need a true government who will protect us but i mean who knows what the own government might do to us if we try and take away their power.

  8. sonny   May 3, 2014 at 6:41 am

    when you hire thugs,criminals and cowards and give them a gun and power you get what you paid for a police force that will abuse and kill and laugh about it.

  9. David McElroy   April 9, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    Police recruit and screen applicants psychologically looking to hire those who have a bullying personality that will follow orders in the hierarchy. The schoolyard bullies I grew up with all became cops!

  10. YKLWEF   April 8, 2014 at 11:12 am

    As far as I can see, police are writing a script that will end with people shooting them on sight. All attempts so far to get them to clean up their act have failed, and apparently will continue to fail until they start getting the one message they can’t ignore.

  11. Mai Nowlin   April 2, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Lewis Young, I am really sorry to hear about your ordeal and sadly, it is all too common a story! I read recently where a deaf gentleman was roughed up and harassed by officers who thought he was throwing up gang signs at them when actually he was signing to them that he was deaf! How absurd is that?? I really don’t have any concrete answers and I will readily admit to being nervous myself about the situation. I pray everyday for my friends and family that none of them will ever have to suffer at the hands of law enforcement. I do however feel that more community forums involving police officers and the public would be helpful in creating a platform for open dialogue. Citizens shouldn’t have to fear the cops nor should cops have to fear that every citizen is a potential threat. What would also help is if there was more disclosure on policy and procedure. The police are quick to tell you to shut up and get back but hardly ever want to be decent and treat people with respect. I hope that your conditions improve and that things get better for your family. Thanks for reading, be blessed!


  12. Lewis Young   April 2, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Give us a solution, or a blueprint for action or something. The local police here threatened to throw me and my wheelchair in jail for my being stupid enough to want to read a lease before signing it. A LEASE! A PRIVATE BUSINESS ARRANGEMENT! The police department threatened to throw a crippled cancer patient, recovering from recent surgery. Later claims were made the landowner’s property agent claimed I had raised my voice. Whatever, I am so medicated could barely move, but she had been refusing to give me the lease that I signed without reading before, because I had just had surgery then also, and being legally blind, I had a church deacon, and locally very prominent businessman witness, that I was signing in good faith, with the promise of a copy of a lease I had never seen.
    What is to be done. This little local police department is on record in the newspaper interview their officers are available for Russian mafia type activities.
    Yeah, I’m crippled, cancerous, stroke patient with a a seizure disorder, so heavily medicated I can’t cause trouble. Oh, yeah, this was December 19, 2013, just before last Christmas. This caused my mother to be hospitalised with heart failure, my dad to wreck his car going to see her in the hospital, and my elderly uncle I was named for to die early. This is in a Louisiana town of 5200 people total, with so many people on the police and homeland security government dependencies, they can and do cause people to break laws to justify their size. When I grew up here, we had three or four policemen for 3500 people.

    Merry ******* Christmas to me and my family!


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