Drew Barrymore: Supermodel and Actress Death of Half-Sister Still Unsolved

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore, a supermodel and actress, recently learned that her half-sister was found dead inside of a car in National City, California, last Tuesday, but the death is still unsolved sources said. The witness, who found Barrymore’s sister, told police she was parked in her driveway, and blocking her from leaving for work.

When police arrived on the scene shortly afterwards, they found Barrymore’ sister, Jessica Barrymore, 47, dead at the scene while still seated behind the wheel of her Toyota Camry. Sources said Barrymore possibly died of a drug overdose, or a suicide, because a variety of narcotics and pills were right next to her in the passenger seat. Aside from having a substantial amount of painkillers inside the vehicle, there was an energy drink and an empty beer bottle found and taken into evidence.

The witness also told police authorities that Barrymore was neither a visitor, nor did she have any known relationship to anyone living inside of the home. So, it appeared Barrymore drove into the resident’s driveway randomly.

The location where Barrymore was found is almost 40 miles away from her home in San Diego. Detectives are still investigating the death to determine whether there is a motive for Barrymore being in National City, where she was found lifeless.

John Barrymore, 60, the Barrymores’ older brother, said his sister had taken off close to 100 pounds recently and that would probably explain her overuse of pills. Barrymore also said that his sister could have taken an accidental “drug misadventure” when she swallowed  an unusually high dosage of painkillers, which was more concurrent with her previous weight dosage amount.

Although supermodel and actress Drew Barrymore’s half-sister was found dead inside of a car, the cause of death is still unsolved. Detectives said based on the evidence they need to be sure suicide is not ruled out before making their final decision.

According to sources, deceased Barrymore was always smiling and courteous to everyone. Her friends said she was as a comfort for those going through their own personal issues. Employees at Petco, where Barrymore last worked, knew her well and said she had an awesome personality. John Barrymore, the brother who knew her well insisted that his sister was not depressed and did not commit suicide, sources say.

Their famous half-sister Drew Barrymore, age 39, has been a Hollywood actress for several years. The Barrymore family itself has a long history of acting and film making. Drew Barrymore began her career as a child actor at the tender age of 3 years old, where she appeared briefly on the 70s television show, The Waltons.

Since then Barrymore has been in both television and movies. She may be best known for playing the child character Gertie, in Steven Spielberg’s film, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. As an adult actress, Barrymore played in blockbuster movies: Charlie’s Angels; He’s Just Not That Into You; 50 First Dates; and Going the Distance. In 2010, Barrymore received a Golden Globe award for her role of Little Edie in the television series, Grey Garden.  More recently, Barrymore became a supermodel and spokesperson for Covergirl. She also recently signed a deal as an endorsee for Gucci jewelry sources said.

Superstar and actress Drew Barrymore’s half-sister was found dead inside of a car recently but the case is still unsolved. In addition, very few comments have been made by Barrymore since learning of her sister’s death. Unfortunately Drew Barrymore was not very close to her half-sister sources said. However, Barrymore briefly expressed her deepest regrets and condolences of the untimely tragedy on her website. Recent autopsy reports were conclusive with the evidence found in the car. However, it will be another 3 months before a final decision will be made on the cause of death.

By Kimakra Nealy
US Magazine
NY Daily News
FOX News

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