Charlie Sheen Being Sued for Sexual Assault by Dental Tech

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is being sued for emotional distress, assault, sexual assault, battery and sexual battery by a dental technician named Margarita Palestino. She alleges that Sheen hit her in her chest, tried to rip her bra off and grabbed one of her breasts when she attempted to place a nitrous oxide mask on his face. Sheen was at a dentist’s office in L.A. to have a tooth taken out when the events reportedly took place.

Supposedly a dentist and an oral surgeon who were also there were each also almost hurt in the event as well. The dentist has claimed that Charlie drew a knife on him. On Thursday, Sheen’s attorney, declared the occurrence was due to a result of a bad reaction to nitrous oxide. Sheen’s representative also claimed that there were not any illegal substances involved in the matter. The Los Angeles Police Department has an open investigation going on with the event, but they have not yet released any other details to the public.

The suit was filed on Friday and Palestino claims that Sheen, age 49, violently jumped from the dentist’s chair and started screaming that he was going to kill her after she had attempted to put the nitrous oxide mask on his face. The strong-minded technician stated that she allegedly tried to yet again put the mask on the actor’s face and that was when he gripped her breast and also yanked at her scrubs and tore at her bra strap. Sheen then reportedly pulled out a knife and dived toward the dentist. He allegedly started stabbing the dental chair while he appeared high on what the dental tech alleges the dentist supposedly said to her was a combination of alcohol, crack cocaine and Theradol.

After the actor finally left the office, the dental tech’s suit claims that spit completely covered the walls of the examining room and it was a total mess in which she had to clean. Sheen’s private assistant, who had come with Charlie along with one of his bodyguards, allegedly handed Palestino $500 before they took off, supposedly telling her that the money was for her troubles.

Neama Rahmani, who is employed by the law firm West Coast Trial Lawyers, the attorney’s office that is representing Palestino, declared that their client was the victim of terrible acts performed by Charlie Sheen and Palestino would not be intimidated by the actor or those around him who were trying to hide his actions.

Sheen’s attorney stated that the entire story was untrue. He explained that the lawsuit was absurd and was just being filed by someone looking for 15 minutes of fame. He stated that the dental tech filed the claim after she had been informed by her employer that she had disclosed personal information which was in violation of rules set by HIPAA. He added that he was confident his client would succeed in the legal matter.

A representative for Sheen explained that at the time of the appointment Charlie was merely on pain medication for a shoulder injury which failed to mix well with the nitrous oxide. He added that it was not crack cocaine as Palestino had accused. Charlie Sheen may be in trouble again if this lawsuit was to go through.

By Kimberly Ruble


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