Nick Cannon Speaks About Split From Mariah Carey



Nick Cannon is now speaking about his and Mariah Carey’s split. Even though Cannon, age 34, was at one time lawfully banded from talking publicly about divorcing Carey, he is now allowed to talk openly and is doing so about his split from the singer. He stated that he was just trying to take one day at a time and be the best person he could be when the day came to an end. Nick was speaking to several different media sources, and also stated that he was working on covering up the tattoo he had of Mariah.

Cannon explained that the work was not done yet but that he would let everyone know when it was done. He noted that covering the tattoo was not supposed to have been revealed at the present time. He said that he was on someone’s private property and he had no idea that the paparazzi was even there.

The America’s Got Talent star declared how he had to be careful because it was extremely painful and could not even have anything touch it, it was so sore.

Nick and Mariah are the parents of two children. They have twins who are named Moroccan and Monroe, who they often call “dem babies.” Cannon exclaimed that the two children were absolutely amazing. He said they were doing great and that they were on the road right now with their mommy while she was on tour.

He then added that he wished nothing but the best for his estranged wife Mariah. Nick explained that they stayed in constant contact. He stated that she may have a night off here or there, but she is one of the best entertainers and performers ever. He explained that Carey was not worried about what was going on and neither was he. Cannon noted that they all just had to keep pushing on.

Carey, who is presently in Asia for a tour of her newest album The Elusive Chanteuse, stated the divorce process in September. A source spoke to the media and explained that Mariah finally had everything together and was beginning divorce proceedings.

It was reported that Mariah had been spending time with Brett Ratner, a director who she had worked with in the past. Cannon was seen on a date with an unidentified brunette, and was also rumored to be the reason for Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s break up.

He stated that the media did not have any information about the split, so it made up stories about the pair. There first came word of Cannon and Carey’s separation back in August. Several different media sources had reported that Cannon had supposedly said that he and Carey were living separately, but he put his Twitter account that he did not do so. He explained about how the media had made up stories.

It seems that Nick and Mariah appear to be handling everything very well. Now that Cannon has spoken about his and Mariah Carey’s split, it sounds like they each are doing okay.

By Kimberly Ruble


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