Hemp Oil Is Curing Cancer [Video]

Hemp Oil

Since the beginning of time, plants like hemp have populated the earth, rich in nutrients that are essential to all life that consumes them. As mankind had evolved, it had become more familiar with the various plant species that surrounded them, cultivating new ways to consume these essential forms of life. During human evolution, it was discovered that oils could be extracted from plants with the nourishment from the plants compounded within the oils. Hemp oil is among the top oils used for health purposes today and has even been proven to cure cancer.

Some popular forms of these oils are extracted from such foods as olives, grape seeds, canola, corn and various types of nuts to name a few. Each oil offers its own benefits in the form of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty and amino acids. Some oils are healthier than others and contain more important substances to the body that may benefit overall health. Although coconut oil has become the new craze in terms of popularity and diversity of use, hemp oil is quickly gaining in popularity.

Hemp is loaded with extremely potent nutrients that are essential to human life. This oil has been used for thousands of years, by many different ancient civilizations, for health purposes among other things. The term hemp actually refers to the industrial use of the stalk and seed from the plant known by its botanical name Cannabis Sativa L.

Despite being known for its most popular subsidiary, marijuana, which also comes from the same plant and is typically used for medicinal purposes involving the smoking of the cannabis flowers, hemp is actually an extremely useful plant. Hemp is sustainable enough to be used for the creation of such things as food, clothing, body care products, paper and even architectural structures like houses and buildings. Hemp can also be used to replace all existing sources of fuel since it is cost-effective to produce and hemp Ethanol burns cleaner than every current source of fuel being used today.

In a documentary released in 2008 entitled Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story, Simpson revealed how he used hemp oil to treat and cure his skin cancer. Along with curing himself, he used this medical miracle to create his own form of hemp oil and cure other cancer victims in his community.

In an article by Underground Health, they stated that researchers have discovered that the compound called cannabidiol has the ability to “turn off” the gene responsible for metastasis in an aggressive from of breast cancer. In another case, a biochemist named Dennis Hill used hemp oil to treat and cure his stage four prostate cancer. Hill discovered Rick Simpson’s Oil and used it to cure his cancer in only six months.

Dr. William Courtney reveals brain scans in the video below, of an actual brain tumor decreasing in size until disappearing entirely due to the use of hemp oil. The brain scans are of an infant child and show progressive shrinking in the tumor and complete disappearance in only eight months. The treatment was administered by the parents in which they applied hemp oil to the child’s pacifier only two times per day. Hemp oil may be the cure-all medicine that every doctor in the medical industry could use to cure all types of cancer and possibly extend the average age of human life.

By Robert Masucci



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