American Horror Story May Not Lose Jessica Lange

American Horror Story

There are still debates over whether American Horror Story will lose Jessica Lange from its cast or not. The award-winning actress has been part of the show since its conception four years ago, but stated that season four would be her last. She wanted to move on, and it seemed nobody was going to argue with that.

However, as the season has progressed, that definite “no” has turned into a “maybe.” If the right character is developed, there is a chance that Lange will return to American Horror Story. She just may end up having a smaller role than she has done in the past.

Lange has constantly played one of the main characters on the show. Despite originally being a supporting member in season one, many saw Constance as a main character. Season two through four certainly saw her in a main role, most of the time as a character many loved to hate—or even hated to love.

The benefit of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story set up is that Lange can leave after this season without too many issues. Each season takes on a new storyline and new set of characters. Lange has played four different characters throughout her time on the show, just like Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson. It was one thing that Murphy always said would work in his favor, since it would mean getting big-named stars for smaller roles without too many issues.

While Lange said that she was leaving American Horror Story, there is a chance now that the show will not lose her. Murphy confirmed that her firm “no” had changed to a “maybe,” and it is now up to him to give her a reason to come back.

The show was picked up for its fifth season after just the first episode of season four. It is extremely popular with viewers, and the creators have many more stories to tell. There are regularly new, interesting and extra-ordinary characters, and they are fun for the actors to portray. Lange has enjoyed playing the characters developed for her.

Murphy explained that for Lange it “always starts with a character.” It all develops from there if she is deeply interested in the role. He has said that he will set up a dinner date with her to encourage her to stay for another season, or at least come back for an episode. However, he had not confirmed anything for season five, even a storyline.

The American Horror Story creator also said that he would send her bribes on a daily basis to get her to come back. However, it will need to fit in with her schedule. According to the Internet Movie Database, she has only one project, which has already been completed. It looks like her schedule may be open for another season, or at least a small role. With all the seasons being connected in some way, there is a chance that Murphy will find a way to bring one of her previous characters back for an episode. This happened in season four when Lily Rabe returned as Sister Mary Eunice from season two.

Only time will tell. Murphy certainly wants Lange to return, and it looks like American Horror Story may not lose her from the cast after all.

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