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Toddler dies on his first birthday

A family is in mourning and the neighbors are in shock over the death of a toddler killed by their family pet dog over the weekend. The one year old Jeremiah Shahan was mauled to death when his family and friends were celebrating the child’s first birthday.

The family desperately made attempts to free the child from the jaws of the dog, but the attempts proved futile. Shahan succumbed to his injuries in the early hours of Saturday at the University Medical Center after being flown by  an emergency helicopter.

Funeral arrangements are being made by the grief-stricken family. No further information was available at the time this edition going to press.The family has not spoken publically since the death of their son Shahan. The toddler was killed by the six year old Rhodesian mixed pet dog.

The heart-break incident occurred in Henderson.

Picture Coutesy Fox 5 News

The dog has been taken to Henderson animal shelter for observation.The incident sent shock waves through the small community of Henderson.