A New Yorker clocked at nearly 200 MPH on a busy interstate

Contributed By Roy Denish

A New Yorker has failed to realize that speed kills.

A 28-year-old man was issued 14 traffic tickets for clocking nearly 200 miles per hour on a busy interstate in New York. Apparently, he was in a mighty hurry to visit a friend at a nearby hospital.

But the police didn’t buy the soft story. Instead, they issued 14 tickets, including one for excessive speed. Anthony Anderson was spotted speeding on a high caliber bike on interstate 87 and eventually was stopped by troopers. Earlier this month, another bicyclist was spotted on the same interstate for doing 166 mph.

It was not known immediately whether the “speedster” will be able to pay the traffic fines at once or would be paying at “slow pace.”

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