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A “rider” sues BMW for long lasting erection

A 52 year old California motor cycle “riding” enthusiast has sued luxury auto maker BMW and its seat maker claiming that he suffered from long lasting erection, defined as priapism-a persistent, lasting erection.

The rider, Henry Wolf along with his attorney-at-law Vernon Bradley filed the lawsuit at the California Superior Court in San Francisco last Thursday. Wolf alleged that his problems begun after a four and half hour round trip on his 1993 BMW bike fitted with a “banana” shaped seat, made by a well known after market seat manufacturer, the Corbin-Pacific.

According to reports that erection lasted for 20 months and continuing to-date.

In his lawsuit, Wolf further alleged because of lasting erection he is unable to perform or engage in any sexual activity that caused him substantial emotional distress. He wants BMW to compensate for lost wages and medical expenses.